Tan Hwee Hwee | Where to find a good freelance writer in Singapore
List of websites, places and ways you can find a good freelance writer in Singapore
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Where to find a good freelance writer in Singapore

So you need to find a freelance writer in Singapore?

Look no further – this article will help you find the Singaporean wordsmith you need that will weave magic wordplay to help you complete your project.

I’m a freelance writer in Singapore myself, so have done extensive research on how to get my profile out there so that people who are hiring can find me.  Here, I’m sharing my knowledge and experience to help you land the right writer.

Here’s a list of ideas for where you can find a freelance writer in Singapore:

Content mills

There are websites where freelancers can post their profiles on to get work. Many of these sites include freelance writers, not just in Singapore, but from all over the world.

These sites include:

Freelancer (www.freelancer.sg)

Guru (www.guru.com)

Freelancezone (www.freelancezone.com.sg)

Upwork (www.upwork.com)

The problem with these sites is that the type of jobs which are being advertised on these sites are very poorly paid, so good and experienced freelancers usually avoid searching for work on these sites. As a result, the quality of freelance writers on these sites aren’t great. You might be lucky in that you might find a good freelance writer who has little experience and is willing to work for low pay to build up his client base and portfolio.

Search engines

You can find freelance writers in Singapore by typing in “freelance writer Singapore” in Google and Bing.

Social networks

LinkedIn is a great place to find freelance writers in Singapore. Simply type “freelance writer Singapore” in its search bar and you’ll find many good freelance writers from Singapore. I get a lot of work from LinkedIn, in fact, there was once in a year where 80% of the people who hired me found me through LinkedIn. My highest paying project that year was also found through LinkedIn, so good and experienced writers like to use LinkedIn to find work, because it pays a lot better than most freelance work websites.


One of the most effective and reliable ways to find a good freelance writer in Singapore is through your network. Ask your friends, family or former colleagues if they know of a good freelance writer. Your contacts who work in media, the design industry, public relations and marketing are likely to know good freelance writers as they may have had to hire freelance writers in their line of work. Your contacts who work in Corporate Communications or Human Resources may also know of good freelance writers.