Tan Hwee Hwee | Singapore sex guru launches the love boat
Singapore sex guru launches love boat to help Singaporeans have better sex
love boat
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Singapore sex guru launches the love boat


Singapore is facing a major crisis. Couples are not having enough sex so fertility rates have dropped lower than Pamela Anderson’s bra line. A recent poll by Durex shows that, out of  the 27 countries surveyed,  Singaporeans have the least sex.

Enter Dr Siang Yu Wei, a 33 year old doctor with huge Dr Evil-style glasses. In April, Dr Wei launched iDream, a program where couples go on a cruise to an Indonesian island to learn how to make babies.

You’ll have to slap down $1000 a night for the program, so it attracts mainly affluent yuppies, like bankers and creative directors. “The couples tell me about their sexual fantasies and I try to facilitate them”, says Dr Wei.  “They usually have very strong characters, so we give them leather, whips, chains, ropes”. A favourite is the cushion chair. “It’s like a love swing, the man can stand up on the chair and swing the girl in the air”.

For singles, Dr Wei organizes an all-night “party marathon” on his Love Boat. The sex doctor plays Norah Jones and feeds his guests aphrodisiac foods like sashimi, ginger, and green alfafa. “Alfafa is high in zinc, so it’s very sperm-friendly,” he says. The singles can mingle with each other and SMS their sex questions to Dr Wei. “The women usually ask me to teach them how to masturbate,” he says, “so I tell them to go to Google and run a search on ‘clitoris’ to help them locate that part of their body.”