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Would you sell your soul for your dream job? That's the question that Chiah Deng must answer before she joins Mammon Inc., the world's largest company. As an Adapter, she'll teach executives how to cross cultures.
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Novel – Mammon Inc


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Would you sell your soul for your dream job?

That’s the question that Chiah Deng must answer before she joins Mammon Inc., the world’s largest company. As an Adapter, she’ll teach executives how to cross cultures.

It’s a career that will launch her straight into the rarefied world of Hollywood stars, rock idols and fashion pundits. But before they make her a globo-boss, Mammon Inc demands that she pass three tests: first, she has to turn herself into a trendzoid New Yorker; then she has to make her Chinese sister white, and teach her white room-mate Steve how to be Chinese. Torn between her Christian mentor at Oxford University and her demanding parents, Chiah Deng tries to find a way to straddle the gap between East and West, between chopsticks and credit cards.

Witty and unique, Mammon Inc. is a dark satire on our e-everything world.


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“Tan is a gifted novelist”
— Literary Review

“To my mind, Hwee Hwee is the most important female fiction writer in English to emerge from southeast Asia, probably ever. I am not prone to this kind of hyperbole with fiction writers, or artists generally, and others in the region do share my assessment of her.”
— Gregg Zachary, staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal

“Tan’s second novel is a cross between Dr Faustus and Douglas Coupland, written with confidence and flashes of wit and flair.”
— The Independent, UK

“Crammed with gags and a wildly zigzagging narrative, Tan’s second novel is hugely diverting.”
— Sunday Times, UK

“Tan, 27, has constructed a smart, restless, effortlessly cosmopolitan satire… Mammon‘s plot is as clean-cut as a Hollywood blockbuster… a fun read”
— The Straits Times, Singapore

“The reader can be sure of opening lines like – ‘Steve got his dick caught in the window’… Tan’s latest literary offering is about as far removed from the jaded cheongsam-and-chopsticks of Asian novel-writing as it is possible to get.”
— Harper’s Bazaar – feature profile in their Asian “Women In Power” issue

“First she wrote a bestselling first novel, Foreign Bodies. Then, she followed it up with a second, Mammon Inc., which was commissioned by the National Arts Council to be a play at this year’s Arts Festival. No wonder writer Hwee Hwee Tan is smiling ear to ear.”
— Elle magazine, featured in 2002 Hot List

“Tan’s writing snaps with the bite of a wisecracking media addict with a theology degree. She drops pop-culture references like an Entertainment Tonight reporter, and yet reveals a fascination with Christian mythology that does not detract from the hip-conscious wit… Tan’s novel is an entertaining read… More than Asian identity fodder, Mammon Inc. succeeds as a cautionary tale for the stock-option generation”
— Asiaweek

“Tan is the first Singaporean writer to win critical acclaim both in Britain and the United States… Her latest novel, Mammon Inc., published this year, is smart and sassy, appealing to “global nomads” – those who feel they don’t belong in any one culture, fit easily into both East and West, and are as likely to identify themselves by the brands they wear and tote as the cover of their passports. In Mammon Inc., people “Nikon-click” their way around the Statue of Liberty and capture each other in “a Kodak moment.” The book is acutely attuned to pop culture, the e-generation and the quick, clever jibe. In Singapore, it’s been on best seller lists since it came out in July.”
— Far Eastern Economic Review

“Writing phenomenon Hwee Hwee Tan is a member of the new generation of jet-setting Asians, privileged nomads with many languages and many homes… Mammon Inc. is a book laden with irony; but it’s not dripping with sarcasm, nor is it a simple satire. This is a complex, passionate novel.”
— BK magazine, Thailand

Mammon Inc.‘s success is in complicating the voice of the young, cosmopolitan elite. They are ambitious, polyglot and move effortlessly between cultures. But despite their surface sophistication, Tan forces one to question whether they are truly as enlightened as they seem.”
— Taipei Times, China

“This remarkable novel transforms itself into a serious addiction….Her words pepper your brains like a barrage of bullets, stunning their targets with perceptive precision.”
— 5 stars, The List

“A remarkable novel that is stylishly written and well argued, with a story that is light, witty and yet dazzling in its details.”
— Punch magazine

“This is the perfect beach read. But unlike most novels you pick up at the airport with your Factor 15, this one leaves you with something to chew on.”
— 4 stars, Heat, No. 6 on the Heat Top Ten Bestsellers List

“This is a fantastical novel stuffed full of pop culture, literary references and cross-cultural facts.”
— The Guardian

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