Tan Hwee Hwee | Book – Overcome Problems
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From the valley to the mountain top – how to overcome problems, challenges, suffering and adversity

There are thousands of Christian books out there.

Why should you read this book?

Well, what’s written in this book literally saved my life.

I’ve been a Christian since I was 13 but suffered from negative thinking which made me a slave to anxiety and depression. I experienced great periods of darkness, the worst of which came when I was laid off from my job when I was 30. During that time, I was so stricken with fear of not being able to get another job that I remember once, I just collapsed on the floor and started writhing uncontrollably with anxiety. I was deeply depressed and saw no hope in my future. I couldn’t see how my life could get any better, I couldn’t imagine being happy again.

I was in the deepest bottom of the valley.

Well, God was good and despite my negativity and fears, He provided me with a job. However, I still struggled with anxiety and depression. I was trapped in the valley.

All that changed when my sister gave me a book by Joel Osteen in 2007. Its message of positive thinking and hope changed the way I thought.

I radically changed the way my mind thought and my life changed dramatically. Today, I still face many challenges in my job and my relationships, but I now I experience God’s peace in a way that I never thought was possible. I still face storms, but God’s peace is with me, comforting and guiding me.

The way to this delicious peace is a path that’s laid out in the principles that I’ve compiled in this book.

If you struggle from anxiety and unhappiness, this book will help you rise from the valley to the mountain top. It’ll teach you how to overcome challenges, problems and suffering in your life.

One thing I’ve learnt is that you can be a Christian, you can be saved, but still suffer from anxiety and depression. This is because even though you’ve accepted Jesus as your Saviour and Lord, you still have wrong thinking in your mind and possess a negative attitude. That was certainly true in my case. I became a Christian when I was 13 but continued to suffer from anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until I turned 35 and started reading Christian books that taught me how to live with a positive mindset that I managed to move from darkness to light.

One of the central teachings of the book is about the power of the mind. The key thesis of this book is that the problem with problems is not the problem in itself, but in how we react to the challenges we face. If we react negatively, we will suffer and experience bad things. But if we learn how to react positively, if through wisdom we learn how to process our thoughts and reactions to the problems correctly, we can triumph over any difficulty and come out better than before. How we think and react to problems will affect how high we can rise in life – our attitude determines our altitude.

This book contains the principles that will give you the wisdom to process your problems in the way that helps you turn your set-backs into stepping-stones. The book instructs you on how to adopt a positive attitude so you can overcome anxiety and depression and use the power of the mind to overcome any problem. As you read this book, I hope you’ll grant me the privilege of being your loving guide, helping you climb from the valley of shadows to the peak of the celestial mountain. I pray that this book will bring healing to your wounded soul, turning your scars into stars.

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